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We are a Private Lutheran School located in the heart of Denison, Iowa.

We offer  a more personalized experience for our students, while providing a unique opportunity for individual, group and spiritual growth. Specialized outreach activities and weekly chapel provide both small and large group dynamics. These group interactions provide a strong sense of community and promote leadership skills among our students. 

We provide the highest in quality education, while simultaneously enriching the lives of our students through the teachings of the holy scripture. 

ur family:
Mrs. Brenda Trunkhill (1).jpg
Brenda Trunkhill
Calista Earl
REIMERS (1).jpg
Val Reimers
Mrs. Mindy Neve (1).jpg
Mindy Neve

TK Year To Grow Instructor

Mrs. Mindy Neve (1).jpg
Mindy Neve

Kindergarten Instructor-

NOW HIRING for 24-25 school year

Mrs. Gretchen Gosch (1).jpg
Gretchen Gosch
Katie Bergman
Mrs. Shari Bruck (1).jpg
Shari Bruck

4th/5th Grade

Amber Bissen

6th/7th/8th Grade Home Room Teacher

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